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Sherlock Manuscript Could Bring $500k at Auction

Sherlock Holmes who is arguably the world's most famous detective is back in action . . . or auction, I should say. The Adventure of the Dancing Men, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was originally produced for the Stand Magazine in 1903.

Now, the manuscript is up for sale at auction on April 18, 2018, in Dallas, Texas. It is estimated that it could fetch $500,000 or more. According to, this is a manuscript because it is an actual working manuscript.

"The significance of the Dancing Men manuscript (est. $500,000+) cannot be overstated. This is an actual working manuscript that shows Doyle’s complete process in weaving a story. Emendations run throughout, and Doyle is careful to cross out words and make additions in such a way that both the original text and revisions are visible."

The Dancing Men, like most Sherlock Holmes stories, is told by Watson, and revolves around mysterious messages containing stick figures that are sent to the home of Hilton Cubitt and his wife. The story itself is unique because it is one of only two Holmes tales in which Sherlock's client dies.

The manuscript will be on display at the Heritage Auction office located in NY from April 9th through April 12th and will then be auctioned off in Dallas. If you just happen to have around $500k that you just don't know what to do with, you could potentially own a very cool piece of literary history. For the rest of us, we can simply read The Dancing Men and light up a pipe with Sherlock.

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