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Monday February 20th is International Pipe Smoking Day!

Join your fellow pipe smokers around the World and raise your pipes in Celebration of International Pipe Smoking Day on February 20, 2017!

I have seen a number of posts across the Internet asking, "what's the difference between IPSD and any other day? Don't pipe smokers still smoke? Is it really necessary?"

Well, it is true that pipe smokers enjoy their pipes whenever and as often as they can. However, IPSD is really more of a celebration of the art of pipe smoking and the wonderful worldwide community of pipe smokers. According to the United Pipe Clubs of America, the purpose is to "foster friendship, benevolence, and tranquility across all borders."

It is difficult for non-pipe smokers to understand the sense of community and friendship that exists among the pipe community. If you belong to pipe smoking communities on the Internet, like on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram you know how amazing it is to be a member of the community.

I have experienced the friendship and camaraderie first-hand. I have been a pipe lover since I was in college. Back then I thought of pipe smoking as a solitary hobby. It was something that I did by myself and something that I rarely spoke about with others. As I got older, I started to realize that there were small communities built around local tobacco shops and small pipe clubs. With the growth of the Internet the small, "brick and mortar" pipe clubs were able to expand into a worldwide community.

Now, we pipe smokers are able to share stories, pipes, experiences, tobacco reviews and much more with others throughout the world. It is amazing and something that should be celebrated. In the short time that I been on Instagram as @3pipeproblem I have been able to build friendships with people across the country and the world who enjoy the lost art of pipe smoking.

So, when people ask me if International Pipe Smoking Day is necessary, I respond, "Hell Yes!"

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