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Featured Pipe Club: Triangle Area Pipe Smokers (TAPS)

A Little History about the Triangle Area Pipe Smokers club. This is taken from the TAPS website

Not since it's heyday in the 1940's has pipe smoking been as popular as it is today and Raleigh is embracing this with a growing local pipe club: The Triangle Area Pipe Smokers (TAPS).

TAPS started in 1997 after Jim Carrino and Jim Swindell met at a pipe show in Richmond, VA . The two decided to start a club where others who enjoy pipes could share their passion. The club has since grown to more than 40 members today.

Along with the club, Jim and Jim hoped that one day Raleigh would have a pipe show of it's own. Today that hope has become a reality and this year TAPS is proud to sponsor an annual Pipe & Tobacco Exposition in Raleigh.

TAPS Monthly Meeting

TAPS members get together at 5:30pm on the second Tuesday of every month in Raleigh.

Along with good food and good conversation, we also sometimes have raffles, pipe swaps and we are always sampling different tobaccos donated by club members or tobacco companies. Our meetings are also a place where folks share with one another their knowledge, tips and resources about pipe smoking. Another regular part of our meeting is a show-and-tell segment where members show off a cherished pipe, accessories or even their whole collection.

Our meetings are open for anyone to join us, new pipe smokers, long time smokers, collectors or just someone interested in learning more about pipe smoking.

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