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Stokkebye 4th Gen 1855 Review

This review was submitted by u/drnickfury through Reddit.

I popped open this 3 year old tin and the first thing you notice is the smell. Is it raisins? Is it the pungent grassy note of an aged Virginia? It's the sweetest tin note I could have hoped for is what it is. In terms of plume, I didn't find the crystal forest I had imagined I would. However on close inspection you can definitely see where the sugar has started to develop. I also had to dry it out a bit as the moisture level had maintained nicely over the years.

Regardless of the amount of plume, the smoke itself was sweet. After lighting to char, I sat there for a good hour and a half repeatedly letting my mouth fill with smoke before gently exhaling. The sweetness of the leaf is the first thing you notice. On the retrohale I detected much more of the grass and hay notes common to Virginias. From the tin note, I expected there to be a little more figgy flavor in the back end. What I ended up with was a fantastic smoke that maintained it's sweet hay profile even down to the dottle.

The texture reminds of me other ready rubs like Dunhill Ready Rubbed but the taste is akin to something like Capstan Yellow. Granted I've never smoked aged Capstan so there may be a disparity if one were to age the two.

I recommend Stokkebye 4th Gen 1855, especially if it aged a little. I actually have another tin of the stuff 2012 but...that's going to have to wait at least until I finish this stuff.

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