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Seattle Pipe Club Meeting this Wednesday!

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Seattle Pipe Club Meeting 3/11/18

 Change your clocks and mark your calendars! Its the first Pipe Club meeting in Daylight Savings Time! How exciting. What will you do with your extra hour? Smoke a pipe at pipe club no doubt. So join us this week! March is always a great Club meeting -- you won't want to miss it. What's that smell? Why it must be a whiff of all the wonderful SPC blends available for sampling - free of charge. With all the craziness in the world recently, pipe club is our island of calm. And who can disagree this is perfect pipe smoking weather. Be sure to bring a pipe smoking friend. All are welcome. We're expecting a large crowd this month so please come early and get a comfy seat. Chicago Pipe Show May 5-6: Got your reservations? This is the Pipe Show of Pipe Shows. The SPC always represents with a big turnout. Join us for the show and our infamous SPC party of the year. Have never been? Make this the year you go. Trust us, you will have the best time you can have in the pipe world. 

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