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Carmel Nut Pipe Tobacco by Mike and Russ The Mind Meld Review

Description: Carmel Nut is an aromatic blend of black Cavendish

and Virginia with a nutty caramel and coffee flavor. It is the creation of master blenders McClelland's Mike McNiel and Pipe and Cigars' Russ Ouellette. This is a ribbon cut tobacco.

Strength: Mild to Medium

Flavor: Medium

Tin Note: The tin note is exceptional. The initial aroma is a complex blend of caramel and nut with a hint of coffee. The smell is almost dessert-like and is extremely satisfying.

Room Note: Pleasant room note with a general nutty aroma.

Tasting Notes: Right off the bat this tobacco provides a warm rush of nuts and caramel. On the light I get a deep, rich nutty flavor with hints of caramel and coffee. As I progress through the bowl the deep nut continues but a sweet caramel starts to dominate. Midway through, the caramel and nut seem to fuse with hints of coffee on the finish. It is surprisingly complex for what could have been a simple caramel and nut blend. There is no tongue bite at all. This blend can be a solid all day smoke but offers complex flavors that keep it interesting.

Performance: The tobacco performs exceptionally well. After the charring light, it usually requires on one light and maybe a relight towards the middle of the bowl. It burns evenly to the end. It burns nice and cool which helps it maintain its complex flavors.

Overall Opinion: This one is a winner. It has a wonderful flavor profile that is nothing short of delightful. I have had some caramel blends that are overly sweet and wet. I have also had nutty tobaccos that are very one note. That's not the case with this blend. It is mildly sweet with deep rich flavors that make for a solid and enjoyable smoke.

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