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Corn Cob Pipe by Cornell & Diehl Tobacco Review

Description: Corn Cob Pipe is an aromatic blend of burley, Cavendish and Virginia with a Chocolate and Vanilla flavoring. It is made by Cornell & Diehl and it a cube cut tobacco.

Strength: Mild

Flavor: Medium

Tin Note: Very nice sweet aroma. From the tin, I get an aroma of cocoa and marshmallow and some graham cracker. In fact, it reminds me very much of s'mores.

Room Note: Pleasant room note.

Tasting Notes: First, I note that the tobacco is cube cut into very small pieces. The cut makes it very easy to fill your pipe. On lighting the tobacco, I initially get warm, toasty flavors with some nuttiness from the burley. i have smoked a complete tin and I found that there are some nice transitions through the bowl. As the tobacco heats up, I start getting some cocoa and chocolate. Every so often, there is some subtle vanilla marshmallow that creeps in. The subtle vanilla, which is not necessarily sweet, blends nicely with the cocoa giving the blend a very satisfying taste without being overly sweet or sickening. As I get to the end of the bowl I get a nice toasty gram cracker and nut taste.

Performance: Being such a small cube cut tobacco, I was able to really pack a good amount into each bowl. The tobacco performed very well and burned nicely. As long as you tamp it, it burns all the way through with only minimal relighting. I have actually been able to get through more than one bowls with only one lighting (after the charring light). Like all Cornell & Diehl tobaccos, it is a solid performer with no issues.

Overall Opinion: I happen to love this blend. It has some subtle sweetness but it not what I would consider a sweet blend. It has some nice complexity to it that I really love. I ordered two large tins to keep in my cellar and will try to pick up another 2-4. This has been my favorite holiday blend since December and I intend on smoking it right up until spring.

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