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Sutliff Apple Review

Description: Sutliff Apple is an aromatic blend of Burley and black Cavendish. It's name suggests that it is flavored with apple.

Strength: Very Mild

Flavor: Very Mild

Tin Note: Very light aroma. Based upon its' name you would expect an apple tin note. However, there is none. It is actually hard to detect a specific, identifiable note.

Room Note: Very light aroma

Tasting Notes: I was expecting more of a sweet apple taste. What I got was very different. This is really more of a Burley blend. The Burley was really the most identifiable taste. I was able to pull out a very, very light baked apple note. However, if you don't really concentrate on it, you will not get any apple flavor at all. The baked apple was most apparent on the retrohale. It was fleeting and was not consistent throughout the bowl. The tobacco burned slowly and there was no bite to it at all. However, it is a very one note blend with very little in the way of flavor. It is a confusing blend for me because it is not a pure Burley like Haunted Bookshop and its name makes me think that I should be getting some sweet apple notes.

Overall Opinion: The tobacco was good quality and burned slow and evenly. Beyond that, there is very little to say. It is a boring blend. It is not bad, just a little confusing. Personally, aside from the Burley, which I do like, I did not get much more from this blend. This is not one of my favorites.

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