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Sutliff Dulce de Leche Review

Description: Sutliff Dulce de Leche is an aromatic blend of Burley and Virgina tobaccos, lightly flavored with caramel and vanilla.

Strength: Mild

Flavor: Mild-Medium

Tin Note: Very pleasant light vanilla and caramel cream with a hint of coconut

Room Note: Pleasant room note

Tasting Notes: If you have ever had a traditional dulce de leche dessert you know that the flavors are a mix of caramel and vanilla that create a light, sweet cream. That is exactly what Sutliff Dulce de Leche does when smoked. The blend produces a very smooth, lightly sweet vanilla/caramel cream that is very enjoyable. The tobacco is high quality and it not a heavy, wet aromatic. It lights easily, with few relights and burns all the way to the bottom of the bowl. There is no tongue bite and it burns fairly cool.

Overall Opinion: I am very partial to vanilla and caramel flavors and so I happen to love this blend. What I like about it most is the gentle creamy notes. It reminds me of a creme caramel candy, minus the excessive sweetness.

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