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SPC Vashon Island Review

Description: Seattle Pipe Club's Vashon Island is a light aromatic blend of Burley, Virginia and black Cavendish. It is a cool smoking aromatic containing caramel and vanilla notes.

I note that the tin calls the blend Vashon Island. However, most if not all retailers, online and brick and mortar refer to it as Vashon Falls. Nevertheless, it is the same blend.

Strength: Mild - Medium​

Flavor: Mild

Tin Note: The tin note is a very nice but mild. There is a very light aroma of caramel and vanilla with a slight hint of fruit.

Room Note: The room note is nice and not overpowering.

Tasting Notes: This is a very nice all-day tobacco. The flavors are very subtle and smooth. Without concentrating I could pick up hints of a very light caramel/vanilla flavor. These flavors became harder to detect midway through the bowl.

When I opened the tin for the first time, I noted that the tobacco was overly moist. It was slightly more on the dry side. As I smoked through the tin, the caramel and vanilla flavors seemed to weaken. It started to have a very subtle nutty flavor.

Overall Opinion: I like this blend as a basic smoke. The first few bowls really had a good amount of flavor but as I smoked it more frequently, the caramel flavor seemed to meld with the vanilla into a light nutty flavor making it hard to distinguish the caramel or vanilla. Overall, I do like the blend and will add it to my regular rotation.

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