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McClelland Deep Hollow Review

Description: McClelland's Deep Hollow is a Virginia tobacco comprised of red and black stoved Virginas. It is considered an "aromatic" but it is not a typical flavored aromatic.

Strength: Very Mild

Flavor: Very Mild

Tin Note: Pleasant very light vanilla and apple aroma

Room Note: Light and pleasant

Tasting Notes: When most people think of an aromatic, words like sweet, heavy and tongue bite come to mind. Deep Hollow is the exact opposite. It has a very subtle, smooth taste. There are very slight hints of apple but not at all a flavored blend. The Virginia's really shine and there is a natural, light sweetness that just dances through in the background. It is easy to pack and burns slowly, cool, and evenly. The tobacco is very high quality that you would expect from McClelland.

Overall Opinion: This is a wonderful Virginia that is meant to be enjoyed slowly. It's subtle flavors make this a very nice anytime smoke. This one is really meant to be sipped and savored. It provides a nice break from deep Burleys or overly sweet aromatics. This is one of my go to tobaccos when I need forget about the world for a while. I highly recommend giving Deep Hollow a try.

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