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McClelland Best of Show Review

Description: Best of Show is an aromatic blend of Black Cavendish, Burley, Cavendish and Virginia. It is flavored with nougat and whisky.

Strength: Mild

Flavor: Mild

Tin Note: Nice vanilla/caramel cream aroma

Room Note: Fairly pleasant

Tasting Notes: This is a high quality aromatic that is extremely easy to smoke all day long. There is a nice creamy nougat taste with hints of caramel and vanilla cream. It lights easily and burns down to a nice white ash. It is not at all syrupy or harsh. It smokes cool and maintains its mild flavor throughout the bowl.

Overall Opinion: This is one of my favorite all-day aromatics. It is mild and creamy with flavors that you don't have to concentrate on to pull out.

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