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Cornell & Diehl Irish Blessing Review

Description: Irish Blessing by Cornell & Diehl is a black Cavendish aromatic blend flavored with Irish Mist. Irish Mist is a brown Whiskey Liqueur produced in Dublin, Ireland, by the Irish Mist Liqueur Company Ltd. It is flavored with mint and vanilla.

Strength: Mild - Medium

Flavor: Medium

Tin Note: Very nice Irish Cream and vanilla aroma.

Room Note: Strong but pleasant note.

Tasting Notes: I happen to really like this. I know many non-aromatic smokers think that the flavoring is too strong and drowns out the tobacco taste. However, this is a flavored aromatic and you have to expect that the tobacco taste is not going to be predominant.

It is a really silky smooth smoke with very nice whiskey/cream/vanilla notes. It is a nice change of pace from Virginia blends. The tobacco itself is very high quality and burns evenly and generally does not go out easily once lit. I might categorize this as more of a dessert smoke because of the sweet, creamy notes.

Overall Opinion: I really enjoyed this Cavendish aromatic. I love the sweet, creamy Irish Mist and Vanilla notes. There is no bite and its smokes cool. A very nice blend.

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