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Moonshine Pipe Co. Mason Jar Review

Description: Mason Jar by Moonshine Pipe Company is an aromatic blend of Burley, Virginia and black Cavendish. The tobacco is flavored with rum, caramel, vanilla and dried fruit.

Strength: Very Mild

Flavor: Mild

Tin Note: Very light vanilla and caramel aroma

Room Note: Very nice aroma

Tasting Notes: This is a very mild basic aromatic. There are some nice flavors of light caramel with some dried fruit but they seem to come and go throughout the bowl. Every once in a while I would get a very nice blended caramel and rum taste but it was not consistent. I smoked this in a variety of pipe (cob, briar and clay) and got the most flavor with a clay pipe. The tobacco was good quality but needed a few relights.

Overall Opinion: This is a decent, basic blend. There was much less flavor than I would have liked and I did have to really concentrate to pull out certain flavors. It is very mild and can be an all-day smoke. This might be a good tobacco if you are just looking to smoke a pipe and not really think about it. For me a like a little more flavor and complexity in an blended aromatic.

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