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Cornell & Diehl Founding Fathers Review

August 26, 2016


Description: Founding Fathers, by Cornell & Diehl is an aromatic blend of Black Cavendish and Burley. It is flavored with pomegranate. 

Strength: Mild to Medium

Flavor: Medium

Tin Note: In the tin it has a bright, fruity pomegranate aroma.


Room Note: The burning tobacco gives off a very enjoyable room note. 

Tasting Notes: This is a very nice blend with the pomegranate flavor taking center stage. It is not at all too sweet but does provide a really enjoyable fruity taste. It is no where near as strong a fruit flavoring as Captain Black's Grape. 


Midway  through the bowl I started to notice the tobacco more and the fruit started to fade into the background. There is a nice Cavendish to Burley mix that burns evenly throughout the entire bowl. Only one relighting was required. As with all C&D tobaccos, the quality of the leaf is very high. It is smooth and there is no bite. 



Overall Opinion: I enjoyed the tart fruit.  It is a refreshing blend that is a solid aromatic.  There is some subtly complexity as the fruit begins to fade the the tobacco becomes more 

prominent that I really enjoyed.  This is a good tobacco for a summer evening or when you when something a little more refreshing. 

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