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It's a Sad Pipe Day - Goodbye Old Friend

It is never a good day when one of your most trusted and favorite pipes takes its last puff. Today is one of those days. It is the end of one of my most cherished pipes, the Savinelli Bing's Favorite.

I have owned this pipe for so many years that I cannot remember when I first fell in love with it. I do know that the first time I saw it was in a local tobacco shope in Ridgewood, NJ called the Ridgewood Tobacco Shop. This shop happens to be a real gem, but I'll talk more about this shop in another post.

So, getting back to my Bing, I had been carrying this pipe in my briefcase back-and-forth from home and the office. This morning when I took it out of my briefcase to fill it with some McClelland Best of Show found this chip in the shank. This pipe has been with me from Maine to Florida and seeing it in this condition was heartbreaking.

Now, I know that I can buy another Bing's Favorite, and I definitely will, but I will never be able to get "this" pipe back. It's gone forever. Goodbye, old friend.

Have any of my fellow pipe smokers lost their favorite pipe? If so, leave a comment and share your story.

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