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Review of Erik the Red Pipe Tobacco

If you are an aromatic smoker and love cherry flavored tobacco this is the one for you! This is Erik the Red from Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd. It is a combination of Burleys, Virginias and Green River black Cavendish. When you pop open the tin you get a huge burst of cherry. It reminds me of a cherry lollipop. It is such an amazing, sweet cherry smell that you just want to eat it. It packed and lit very easily. My general experience with cherry aromatics is that at some point during the smoke you will encounter the dreaded tongue bite. Well, I am pleased to report that there was no tongue bite at all, even when I pushed it. To my surprise, the tobacco did not taste anywhere near as sweet as it smells. It was a mildly sweet, pleasant cherry. I smoked this in a new corncob to avoid any ghosting. I typically will dedicate a corncob to very distinctly flavored tobaccos like cherry or mint. Corncobs are easy to dedicate because they are relatively inexpensive. Overall, this is one of, if not my favorite, cherry tobaccos.

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