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Review of Sutliff B30 Chocolate Mousse

This one is definitely for chocolate lovers! This tobacco has an unbelievably strong chocolate smell that you can smell without even opening the bag. I thought for sure that it would produce tongue bite because so many heavily flavored aromatics do. I was really surprised to find that it was a very cool smoke with no bite at all. The flavor is one note . . . chocolate. Some smokers detect a hint of vanilla but not me, it was all chocolate.

I also thought, based upon the strong smell, that it would be an overpowering or sickening smoke but again, I was wrong. It was a mild smoke with pleasant chocolate flavors, nowhere near as powerful as the smell. For chocolate lovers this one could be an all day smoke. All-in-all, I was pleasantly surprised with this Black Cavendish blend!

I'd love to hear what you think.

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