Tobacco Collection
I am excited to share my pipe tobacco collection with you. Every tobacco pictured is part of my collection and has been smoked.If you have questions about pipe tobacco, please reach out!
3PipeProblem's Pipe Tobacco Collection
The Mind Meld
Mixture Monster 2017
Eileen's Dream
Captain Black Grape_ Overall Opinion_ I am not a big grape flavor fan. I hate grape soda and other a
Last cans of Christmas Cheer in my cellar. FDA has managed to kill so many specialty and holiday ble
Odins Wind and Viking
Vashon Island
Corn Cob Pipe(2) 1-17
Mind Meld Carmel Nut Tobacco
Lucky Day Tobacco 1-17
Corn Cob Pipe 1-17
Fuzzy Schnapps 1-17
Vashon Island 1
Militia 1
Best of Show 1
PS Cinnamon 1
C&D Founding Fathers 1
Fall Blends
RAT Buckingham 1
CD Monster II 1
CD Mocha 1
CD Haunted Bookshop1
Mc - Captain Cool
Vashon Island 4
MC Pal O Mine 1
Viking Red
Appalachian Berry
Viking with Color
Mind Meld Carmel Nut