Lighting A Pipe

Now the you have your pipe properly packed it's time to fire it up. If your pipe is properly packed, you will have not problem lighting the pipe. Don't worry if you have to relight your tobacco. Sometimes, no matter how perfectly your pipe is packed, the tobacco will go out. 

Lighters & Matches

Obviously, we need to light the tobacco if we want to smoke it. Pipe smokers light their pipes using matches or lighters. There are two types of lighters, butane. and fluid. Butane lighters can create a soft flame using butane gas.  Popular Zippo lights use lighter fluid and require a spark wheel to ignite. Matches are another option but easily go out and can require the use of multiple matches. When using matches, it is a good idea to let the sulfur burn off before you touch the flame to the tobacco. Nothing is worse than tasting burning sulfur.

For beginner pipe smokers, butane, soft flame lighters are the way to go. You don't need an expensive lighter to start, a basic soft flame will work fine. 

Just remember, that proper packing of the pipe is the key to long smokes. It is also important to make sure that the pipe tobacco is not too moist. Many aromatics are very moist and need a little time to dry out.